aboutusWe all love video games. It is so interesting indeed – to be immersed by gameplay, to feel the joy of victory, to be thrilled with storyline twists, to compete with other players in multiplayer battles. And we have started our activity with computer games just the same—by playing them. But at some point, each of us has decided himself that it is much more interesting to create his own world, it's history; to make things nobody had done before and to win recognition of others by doing this. That's how we became developers. While trying our hand in modding existing games, communicating, studying, we have united thanks to our common hobby and by understanding that we have reached the peak of our knowledge and abilities, we have decided to move on. To transform our hobby into our occupation.

AWAR company has been founded in January of 2011. Since we are all bent for military-themed games, it was decided to reflect it in our company's name, which in effect means “war”.

“Iron Front: Liberation 1944” became our first project, which was published in May 2012.

The game gives an account of the Lvov–Sandomierz Offensive of the Soviet army against the German Wehrmacht during the Great Patriotic War. The game was developed by AWAR and published in cooperation with X1 Software and Deepsilver.

During the developing process we have stepped on a lot of rakes, but gained priceless experiences, clearly felt the difference between an amateur and professional job, we decided that we want to continue in this exciting and challenging job — the development of computer games.

Today the company consolidates more than 20 specialist of various fields: artists, 3d-artists, coders, level-designers, script writers, composers and many others. We are all looking forward with optimism and sincerely hope that people will enjoy our products.

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