Genre: MMO tactical first-person shooter


Date of release: Not established yet



 Pre-alpha Stage:

Iron Clash is currently in pre-alpha stage. Any graphical, audio, gameplay or concept features are subject to change and will improve over time.


Iron Clash is set in World War II and aims for balance between realism and gameplay, focusing on using the most accurate data available, easily accessable to the player by user-friendly controls and interface making the game fun to play. All accompanied with the next-gen graphics for immerse feeling.
The concept of the game will feature personal account and development progress for every player, giving access to improvements and equipment providing him all sorts of advantages over the opponents, from better weapons, tools, transport vehicles and armored vehicles, still all accurately according to the historical period. The game will feature multiplayer game for various nations of war, like for USSR, for Germans, for Americans and other.
In the temporary early stage of development, part of the content is used from previous projects and is to be replaced by new, better quality and optimization in the future.
The project will feature various periods, from early years of war until 1945, presenting accurate weapons and armory of the period in every battle, starting with light tanks like T-26 and Panzer II and ending with heavy monsters like King Tiger and IS-2.

Pre-alpha FEATURES:

  • - Advanced Tank damage system, with realistic settings and parameters such as type of the shell and armor thickness
  • - Easy, simple and intuitive controls, making the game enjoyable and responsive
  • - Realistic ballistic data. All projectiles travel in realistic ballistic curves
  • - Big variety of weapons and vehicles
  • - Fully destructible environment. Everything can be broken and demolished
  • - Realistic environments, landscapes torn by war – smoke, trenches, craters and burned trees along the battlefield

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