Dear fans,
after having some tough times related to Iron Front, we would like to announce that AWAR team is still here and active again.

During the development of Iron Front, our hands were completely tied and the direction of the progress was not estimated by us. We did not have any possibilities to freely do any fixes to the game neither to the engine, to make any official announcements or comments about the state of the project. Being more tighten day after a day, we were truly sorry to see how great and active community our game united, with so many amazing online events and astonishing singleplayer projects, and we could not continue to support it in such sad conditions. Therefore we would like to let you know that we started development of a new, mostly independent project, using all good and bad experiences we gained during the development of our first official project, Iron Front and it’s DLC. Now we will be able to provide you a constant feed of news of the project as we like, publishing all information we like and establishing a direction we believe you will love.
Our new project is in it’s early stage of development, but we already want to share some of our successes and some info about the new game with you. At the moment the project is in the stage of various experiments with the possibilities of the engine, in order to find out what more features we can introduce among the ones we already described in our features list in the description of the game. Let’s call it Pre-alpha stage, where a solid piece of work has already been done.
We would like to welcome you all to our new official site, where we will regularly post news and progress of our project since we are not tied by any odd wishes of anyone else. We deeply appreciate every member of the community and hope that these dark times will be forgiven for bright future we believe is coming.
Thank you for all that has been and will be,
the AWAR team




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