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The AWAR team related topics
Discussion about news related to AWAR as a team and also about its projects.
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от Pashka555
1 год 11 мес. назад
There has been many misunderstandings about us and our partners. We would like to make our community clear about where we stand and where we aim. If you have any question about AWAR, we will do our best to answer it here.
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Последнее: Private Messages all ...
от MikeeCZ
3 года 10 мес. назад

Iron Clash (WIP)

Pre-alpha stage
Discussion about news related to Iron Clash project.
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Последнее: First screenshots ou ...
от Raptor1990
3 года 5 мес. назад
Opinions, thoughts and general chat related to Iron Clash.
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Последнее: Sound of Iron Clash
от MikeeCZ
3 года 1 мес. назад

Iron Front: Liberation 1944

Discussion about both, IFL and IFL D-Day
As part of our promise to improve our communication with players, we will try to answer all of your questions about Iron Front game here.
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Последнее: Where's the US infan ...
от Santa Six
3 года 6 мес. назад
Feel free to use this category to discuss any matters around Iron Front.
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Обсуждение и предложения по проекту "Iron Clash"
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Последнее: Отличие Iron Clash о ...
от killer
2 года 11 мес. назад
Все об "Iron Front" и "D-day"
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от Pashka555
3 года 9 мес. назад

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